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Irish women - helped by a significant boost from Cork - have been rated amongst the world's most attractive looking people.

Females from Ireland jumped into the top ten of the planet's best-looking nationalities for the first time in a ranking by an elite international dating website. 

But the news is less heartening for Irish men, who were ranked as the globe's third ugliest by

Just 12% of Irish fellas who applied to land their profiles on the coveted dating site last year succeeded.

Blokes from Sweden, at 65%, were found to be the most handsome, followed by Brazil at 42%, then Denmark at 40%. 

But Irish males have at least jumped a couple of places from the 2011 rankings when they were judged the world's ugliest. And they can take further consolation that they are less of a turn-off than their counterparts in bottom-of-the-table UK and Poland, where just nine per cent of men managed to land their mugs online.

However, Irish females have far more to celebrate, after new figures revealed nearly one in four, or 23%, were given the thumbs up by the picky dating club.

Scandinavian ladies dominated the top end of the list, with Norwegians topping the poll at 74%, followed by sexy Swedes in second place at 67% and Iceland, at 66%, in third position.

German women propped up the bottom of the table at just 13%, with females from the UK, at 15%, just ahead of them.

Further analysis of Ireland's figures has revealed revealed that both males and females from Cork are more 'beautiful' than their counterparts from other parts of the country, who the dating club's chiefs say drag down our overall admission percentages.

The stats reveal that of Ireland's major population centres, Cork is in second place to Dublin, 

Greg Hodge, who runs the website, said: "Irish women have had the biggest move up the rankings, going from 14th place at 19% accepted in 2011 to a very impressive tenth place, at 23%, last year.

He added: "Although Irish men are still represented as the third ugliest country in the world for men, the fact that they come in above their English counterparts does offer a small consolation."


Male success rates country by country:

Sweden - 65%

Brazil - 42%

Denmark - 40%

Italy - 39%

Portugal - 35%

Argentina - 28%

Norway - 27%

Spain - 25%

USA - 24%

Canada - 23%

Australia - 20%

France - 20%

Turkey - 20%

Korea - 18%

China - 17%

Japan - 15%

India - 15%

Germany - 15%

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