Body painting group breaks Guinness World Record

08/02/13 at 08:56 AM | 0 Comments
Nick Bramhill

More than 300 Irish people have reason to celebrate after learning that they have officially smashed a world record in Cork for the most bodies simultaneously covered in paint.

Guinness chiefs have just confirmed the record was successfully broken in Cork last July when 316 people were covered in paint at the same time.

The Cork Body Painting Group beat a five-year record, which was previously set in the US when 264 people were covered in body paint.

But the record bid had faced a mini-crisis just a day before the attempt when the city's clothes stores sold out of men's thongs - the only item of clothing male participants were allowed to wear.

The record-breakers then had to remove all their clothes except their underwear, before paint was applied to every exposed part of their bodies with the exception of the soles of ther feet.

The mammoth five-hour effort at the Camden Palace Hotel also included a team of 150 artists who meticulously applied paint to each of the 317 participants.

However, yesterday their efforts were rewarded when it was confirmed that Guinness chiefs had given the thumbs-up, after studying a video recording of their colourful record-breaking feat.

Thrilled organiser Keira O'Connell said: "I just got the word...We officially beat the world record."

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