Cork couple count down to YouTube birth

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Maria Tracey

Thousands are expected to tune in online in the coming days as a Cork based couple share the birth of their first child on YouTube. Anna Saccone (24) and Jonathan Joly (32), who have broadcast their engagement and wedding in Naples as part of their daily reality show, will now mark another milestone with the birth of their daughter, who they have already named Emilia. The baby is due this Monday, September 3rd, however, Jonathan told the Cork News the newest addition to the family could arrive “any day or any hour” now. “Anna is experiencing Braxton Hicks, so every day we are thinking that she is going into labour. The night is definitely the worst.” he said.

The pair shot to fame in the past two years with their daily reality show, The Saccone Jolys, which airs every evening on YouTube at 6pm GMT and has attracted millions of viewers. The full-time project has seen the couple secure their own YouTube channel- LeFloofTV.

The couple met through mutual friends in Cork in April 2007 when Dublin native Jonathon was studying Multimedia Design at Coláiste Stiofáin Naofa while American-born Anna was attending UCC, the same college where her Italian father, the late Professor Eduardo Saccone lectured, after he moved to Cork with his family in 1994. 

Five years on, the birth of their first child is expected to eclipse the 120,000 hits their wedding received last year. Taking place at Cork University Maternity Hospital, Jonathon outlined that filming, in which he uses a hand-held camera, has been cleared by both Anna’s obstetrician and management at the Hospital. “We also have a private room,” he said, adding that he aims to film the labour if it’s a natural, uncomplicated birth.

He highlighted that he has discussed the process with Anna, stating that after living and working with someone for 24 hours a day, he knows “exactly” what his wife wants. 

Jonathon added that the majority of people are in favour of broadcasting the labour online, with a 94% approval rate on their YouTube show. “Then there are those 6% who complain, but they are always the ones that are online watching the show at 6pm, and the first to write something. I don’t get drawn in anymore. I just say to them ‘see you tomorrow’,” he said. 

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