Free cognitive therapy for back pain sufferers

The Centre for Pain Research is currently recruiting patients from all over Ireland with back pain to take part in a Pain Disability Prevention Programme (PDP) trial. The study offers patients with back pain the opportunity to avail of 10 sessions with a clinical psychologist trained in pain rehabilitation in Cork city.

The sessions, which are free of charge, will focus on active rehabilitation, instruction in a range of pacing techniques, cognitive therapy to help identify negative thinking patterns and the development of effective challenges, stretching and exercising to improve physical function.

Miriam Raftery, Researcher told Family; “We know that a combination of psychological and physical therapies provided at the early stages of back pain are beneficial, particularly for people at risk of long term disability. However this type of service is often only accessible via specialised hospital-based pain management teams. In this trial we will offer this type of service to people locally and at the earlier stages of injury."

Patients can access physiotherapy and all medical services as usual while involved in the trial. Researchers are specifically interested in hearing from people who have back pain for no longer than 12 months and are either off work or on reduced work hours due to pain.

For further information, contact Miriam Raftery on 091 495 830 or visit

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