Keeping up with the (Saccone) Jolys

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Forget The Kardashians; Cork has its own successful reality show, with over two million viewers tuning in every month. Revolutionising the genre by broadcasting on the web instead of the more traditional television, The Saccone Jolys stars local fashionista Anna Saccone, her digital media artist husband Jonathan Joly and their six Maltese puppies. Joly took time out from daily filming to talk to Play’s Maria Tracey about pets, parenthood and the power of the internet.

Few people can claim to have recorded video footage documenting every day of their life for the past two years. However, one local couple has done just that, becoming YouTube sensations in the process. Having invited the world into their Cork home to share the highs and lows of the past 24 months, including their milestone wedding in Naples; the arrival of their Maltese dogs, Albi and Sina and in turn, their puppies Theo, Bianca, Nivea and Nuvola and now, the anticipation of their own bundle of joy in two months time, Anna Saccone (24) and Jonathan Joly (32) now broadcast their daily reality show to more than two million viewers every month.

 The concept began as a business idea, the brainchild of Joly, who also films and manages the series with his trusty Cannon IXUS 130 IS, but the dad-to-be is also pleased that the collection of videos will provide a rare snapshot into their lives for their first child- a baby girl- to view when she is older. “We got two dogs, got engaged, married, had four more dogs and now Anna is seven months pregnant. In two months there will be a baby!” exclaims Joly. “And when Emilia grows up, she can watch the videos too, from us dating to getting engaged. The videos are captured memories.”

He adds that if he had one regret, it would be not starting the initial experiment earlier, so more of their lives together could have been captured. The couple met through mutual friends in Cork in April 2007. At the time Dublin native Joly was studying Multimedia Design at Coláiste Stiofáin Naofa while American-born Saccone was attending UCC, the same college where her Italian father, the late Professor Eduardo Saccone lectured, after he moved to Cork with his family in 1994 from the Johns Hopkins University. It was a match made in heaven; Joly, set to direct a music video for a local band, needed dancers and actresses, Saccone entered the scene, friendly, fun and drop dead gorgeous, and the duo became firm friends before romance blossomed.

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