Let the Genealogy Roadshow team uncover your family secrets

09/11/12 at 01:12 AM | 0 Comments

Experts Turtle Bunbury, Nicola Morris and John Grenham

There are people in Munster who may be related to Hollywood Icon Bing Crosby; the family of the world’s most famous businessman Henry Ford set sail from Queenstown now Cobh, but who did they leave behind? And what of the infamous highwayman Sam Wallace, have you always suspected that there may be a link?

Hosted by Derek Mooney, RTE’s hit genealogy series The Genealogy Roadshow returns to screens next year and producers are offering the Cork public a chance to be part of it, and find out some fascinating family secrets in the process!

If you need help in tracing a missing branch of your family tree or you have a mysterious family document that you just can’t explain, RTE's team of experts could help you get to the bottom of it; simply tell them your story and they'll do the rest. Contact genealogy@bigmountainproductions.com or call Ciara on 048 30834046 to find out more.

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