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The key difference between the two is in the rotation; there are hundreds of movements possible with a Rip:60 strap that other methods of suspension training do not allow.

As the system features suspended rotation, the body is forced to stabilise and balance throughout the workout, engaging more muscles through pushing, pulling, twisting, lunging and squatting. The innovative suspension also engages the nervous system to get the muscles in the body working together, meaning more strength and power and, ultimately, better results.

LeisureWorld’s health and wellness manager, and Freemotion Fitness Rip:60 master trainer Mark McManus outlines that balance, stability and co-ordination can all be improved by using Rip:60. “When you are using a weight machine, your body doesn’t have to stabilise itself. However, with suspension training, all movement is controlled through the body. It is also great for helping those with imbalances without the risk of injury,” he says.

The fitness regime, adds McManus, is ideal for the regular exercise fan or sports person that needs a challenge, or the beginner who wants more of a test than regular classes and the gym. It works through the ‘optimisation zone’, the point in every other workout where the body just has to give up. With Rip:60, by simply moving the feet or changing angle, a person can carry on without losing form. This is because the training regime uses a person’s own body weight as resistance and so the load can be increased and decreased by simply standing a different way.

"Rather than failing, a person can continue on by simply taking a step forward," says McManus, adding that this one simple motion means that classes can cater for a real mix of both advanced and beginners.

Coupled with stabilising and endurance, Rip:60 also works multiple muscle groups like the upper back, shoulders, chest, lower back, abs and glutes, and decreases body fat. The pin removal- allowing for the rotation element- enables the user to slide the bands and work the upper and lower body in an explosive motion.

McManus adds that Rip:60 can be combined with floor work, such as planks, jumping jacks and burpees- a combination of squat, push-up, and vertical jump- to add cardiovascular endurance. “It’s all about mixing it up, and getting the best possible workout.”

In fact, the makers behind Rip:60 market the product as a total-body transformation that can get you “ripped in 60 days”.

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