Would you support a minimum price on alcohol?

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Plans to introduce minimum pricing for alcohol progressed this week, with reports that the price of cheaper beers and spirits could rise by 50%. Minister of State for Health Roisín Shortall believes that the price hike will counteract alcohol abuse, we took to the streets of Cork to find out what you think of the proposal.

stephen neville

“I don’t agree. I know I will just end up spending more in nightclubs than what I normally do. For students especially, it’s not a good idea, and will only mean that we have less money to live off.”

Stephen Neville, Douglas

janet doolan 

“I do think a higher cost of alcohol is a good idea. Binge drinking is something that is so evident in today’s society, and certainly young teenagers seem to be doing it as well. This will help in some way to alleviate the problem. Just the fact that food is more expensive than alcohol is crazy and it needs to be sorted.”

Janet Doolan, The Lough

james walsh

“The Government shouldn’t be introducing a minimum price on alcohol as it’s not going to stop people from drinking. People will always budget to make sure that they have enough to go out and have a few drinks, and it just means that socialising is going to get all the more expensive. The proposal could also see pubs go out of business- along with jobs- if people think having a pint is just too expensive.”

James Walsh, West Cork

 javek jaster

“In Poland, when the economy is bad, then the price of alcohol goes down so people won’t complain! That is definitely not a solution. So I think it’s a good idea to increase the price. It means that the Government is trying to do something about the problem of drinking.”

Jarek Jaster, originally from Poland and now living in Cork city

maria nash

“The proposal is a good idea as drink is just too cheap in supermarkets these days. I believe that it would stop young people from binge drinking. However, I wouldn’t necessarily think that those on low incomes would suffer because of it. I’m on a low budget and I wouldn’t be affected by a price increase.”

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